Man’s Quest To Get De-Baptised

My Quest To Get De-Baptised

At first glance this seemed quirky and worth a snicker. But then I thought about it. Doesn’t the act of a de-baptism give some form of validation of belief in the baptism itself? As if the act of water-boarding babies does anything at all aside from being a traumatic experience and costing them in therapy bills later in life.

I don’t know why they wouldn’t do it though. I’m actually surprised the church wasn’t willing to … for a fee or donation, that is.

I’m sure this will be seen as an inspiration to others as well as good publicity for us. A man divorcing his religion. I’m just all too aware of how the creationists and other looneys like to spin stories in their favor.

I don’t know… maybe we should all request de-baptisms… Start a movement.

2 thoughts on “Man’s Quest To Get De-Baptised

  1. Stefan

    I had never really thought about it, but now that you mention it, there would be a good reason for me to request it, and a good reason for the church to deny it. Here in NL, churches are regularly subsidized according to the number of people that are member of that specific church. I am probably still a member (in the books) of the church in my parents’ town. Since I feel it is stupid that public money is going into subsidies for churches (where the church as a whole is probably the richest organization out there) I should request to be de-baptised or somesuch. But it’s the same subsidies that will have that church deny the request, most probably.

  2. Christopher Sisk Post author

    It’s amazing how they always find those little loopholes. Collecting public money on thousands of people who don’t even belong to their organization anymore is pretty obscene. Makes you want to start your own religion to gain access to their loopholes and money and put it to better use.


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