Nothing Hurts Like…

I have a big soft spot for disappointment. I remember growing up we didn’t have lots of money so we sometimes had to settle for generic products or off-brand versions of the expensive toys and gadgets. The disappointment could be harsh, but it taught me a valuable lesson. When and when not to show that disappointment. I could never express dismay at a newly unwrapped Christmas present right there in front of my parents. So I learned to hold back in order to spare my parents their own form of disappointment: A disappointed child.

My memories are full of realizations of unfairness. My mother exclaiming, “That’s crummy!” in an eager attempt to make me feel better. And now, as an adult, I look at others and wonder what their disappointments might be. What dreams of theirs have not come to pass as so hoped for.

So where’s this all going and why? Well, recently someone disappointed me. Wrote a song about it. Sharing it with you.


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