Richard Dawkins – Beware The Believers

No, I did not create this video (as someone posted in the Pharyngula comments) … It was created by RandomSlice Michael Edmondson on behalf of the Expelled filmmakers.

UPDATE: Simon Owens has a brief interview with Edmondson on the artist’s intentions behind the short viral video and its sequel.

One thought on “Richard Dawkins – Beware The Believers

  1. Doris Sullivan

    The video, Beware The Believers, was made using MY online name and website name, BewareTheBelievers, WITHOUT my permission or any connection to me. I have been using this name since 2004 and too many people now connect me to Richard Dawkins or this video. I am not at all happy about Mike Edmondson using my online name for the title of his video. MY references to “believers” applies to those who FORCE their beliefs on others through laws; the “belief” is NOT always a religious “belief” and THAT is the reason I do not want my online name/website thought to be connected to the video in anyway whatsoever. Thank you for the opportunity to set the record straight.
    Doris Sullivan,
    BewareTheBelievers Blog on Facebook


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