Why I’m A Skeptic

I think, in the heat of specific debates (Evolution vs. ID, astrology, etc.), the real reasons for my skeptical and scientific outlook on life is sometimes lost. When I became interested in science again in my mid-twenties, I began to realize that after all my schooling… all my memorization of dates, charts, formulas, theories and people, I had completely missed the point. The point was not just that those people lived or that those elements existed. It was all about how they were discovered. What methods were used and why. What I should have been taught was critical thinking and how to apply it. I became increasingly aware of our modern school system’s growing tendency stifle creativity and critical thinking and just focus on the meaningless facts. Children are taught to “color in the lines” and frowned upon for not. They are taught that mistakes are bad, when, in fact, they are our truest and most honest learning tools.

With this idea in mind, I began searching the internet for more information. I eventually came across a variety of skeptical organizations and began to realize that many of my ideas and concerns were shared by others. Since that time, I have joined what can only be described as the modern skeptical movement, in an attempt to encourage the institution of critical thinking classes and vigorous debates, within these classes, in all areas of study.

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