Craigslist Thieves Nabbed

Brandon and Amber HerbertA couple named Brandon and Amber Herbert have been apprehended and identified as the originators of the craigslist post that left Robert Sallisbury of Oregon nearly possessionless. The two placed an ad on craigslist that the home of Sallisbury had been abandoned and all his belongings were up for grabs. They then joined in with the rioting mob to get to two horse saddles. That’s right. They placed an ad that cost a man most of his house belongings for two horse saddles.

I wrote my first post under the impression that the entire job had been done as a form of revenge upon Mr. Sallisbury from someone holding a serious grudge. I titled my post “How Far Would You Go?” … Oddly enough, I think the title still stands. I mean, how far would you go to get ahold of two fargin horse saddles?

Via: TechCrunch

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