Did I Say Little Victory?

My earlier post title just doesn’t do this justice any longer. This has become a pretty big victory as Reuters reports Texas officials have now removed over 400 children, who would have otherwise grown up with a severely distorted world view, from the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints’ 1,700 acre slave girl factory ranch. Many of which were said to have left voluntarily, as BBC NEWS reports:

Women and girls in long dresses with their hair pinned up in braids could be seen leaving the ranch voluntarily.

And the best part of all this – The part that really makes me smile… All of this started when one 16-year-old phoned police to complain that she had been sexually and physically abused. One 16-year-old girl. Because of one brave voice, hundreds of children are being set free. It’s rare when true inspiration like this happens. So very rare.

Via: Reuters, BBC NEWS

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