Five Albums For The Rest Of Your Life

Imagine you’re stranded for the rest of your life and only had five albums to listen to. (And never-ending batteries, I guess.) Which albums would you want them to be?

  1. Apollo (Atmospheres & Soundtracks)Brian Eno
  2. LifeformsThe Future Sound of London
  3. The Pavilion of DreamsHarold Budd
  4. NeroliBrian Eno
  5. Debussy for DaydreamingClaude Debussy

The first three are obvious. Pleasant ambient atmospheres, melodic movements and layered grooves. If you question their place in this list you should probably be smacked hard on the cranium.

I had to include Neroli because I would have to have some form of background sonics to keep from going insane. You can leave Neroli on repeat for a week and it’s fine. Elegant, simple melodic tones passing through the air.

The final album was a tough decision. I wanted a classical album and it was between Holst’s The Planets and something by Claude Debussy. I love The Planets but, in the end, Debussy’s themes won. I chose a compilation, Debussy for Daydreaming, because it’s a good mix of Debussy’s thematic work with a good combination of piano and full orchestral arrangements throughout. The arrangement and performance of Clair de lune alone is worth the price of this album.

I’ve picked music without lyrics because I think the same words would get old after a while. I’d much rather have the option to simply listen to the music or create my own lyrics and let them evolve over time into a meaningful statement of my situation.

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