Network Solutions Sucks

TechCrunch is reporting that some customers of the huge webhost Network Solutions are having their unassigned (non-existent) subdomains hijacked and used to display text-link ads that Network Solutions profits from.

Many of the big dogs employ some pretty harsh tactics to bring in the dough. This particular one however is not only an atrocious abuse of customer’s property but can cost honest website owners valuable search engine clicks. Its not uncommon for link farms to creep up lesser prepared search engines.

Via: TechCrunch

Big fat boo on Network Solutions…

I’m not even giving their name a hyperlink. I will however point any network solutions customers who might be reading this to the host with the most.

Dreamhost. (Note: for a non-referral link, see bottom of post)

I’ve been running on Dreamhost for a few years now and absolutely love their service. They keep a frequently updated blog that spells out every little problem (and accident) that’s causing any of their sites to not load. They also offer custom RSS feeds that let you know of any problems with any hardware specific to your site. Their custom administration panel blows the others out of the water. But most importantly, they’ve never abused my sites for their own gains. Ever.

My site was down for a week once on my old host and it took 2 days to even find out what was happening on their end. That’s never happened since I moved to Dreamhost. And Dreamhost is certified green hosting. I could list the specs and slew of features but instead I’ll just point you to their site.

If you’d like a link that doesn’t give me a little credit for referring you, click this link instead.

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