Obama Supports Evolution

Barack Obama did a short interview for the York Daily Record and was asked about his views on evolution. Until now, I wasn’t 100% sure where he stood on this very important issue. Now, I can rest assured that my candidate for president officially supports the teaching of scientific facts and not “… theories that frankly don’t hold up to scientific inquiry.” in our public science classrooms.

Q: York County was recently in the news for a lawsuit involving the teaching of intelligent design. What’s your attitude regarding the teaching of evolution in public schools?

A: “I’m a Christian, and I believe in parents being able to provide children with religious instruction without interference from the state. But I also believe our schools are there to teach worldly knowledge and science. I believe in evolution, and I believe there’s a difference between science and faith. That doesn’t make faith any less important than science. It just means they’re two different things. And I think it’s a mistake to try to cloud the teaching of science with theories that frankly don’t hold up to scientific inquiry.”

I’ve had that little button on side of my blog since I re-launched last month which pretty much spells out my support for Barack Obama in the 2008 presidential election. Don’t worry. I’m not going to start pushing a ton of Obama down anyone’s throat. I probably won’t post too much in the political area at all unless it has to do with a politician’s views on science or religion. All that said, what I really want to see is…

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  1. Christopher Sisk Post author

    Unfortunately, I don’t thing Mr. Gore wants either the presidency or another vice presidency. He’s pretty much said that he’s not interested. Unfortunately.

  2. Nicole

    Obama is right on every aspect but one in his quote above. Some things in the Bible can be proved by science and that science is Archaeology. Please refer to the History Channel’s series “The Naked Archaeologist”. He proves new things every week! So yes, they do hold up to scientific inquiry.


  3. Christopher Sisk Post author

    Sure, certain aspects of the Bible can be proven by Archeology such as locations and the respective timing of those locations. However, I don’t think that Archeology has anything to say regarding divinity or miracles or any of the other supernatural claims of the Bible, or it’s characters.

    Do the writing utensils described in the Bible correspond with actual unearthed utensils from the proper time period? Archeology can easily answer that question and prove that whoever wrote the Bible described proper writing utensils within it’s pages. Did a woman supernaturally conceive the child of the one true creator god and did that child grow up to resurrect from the dead? I’m not so sure Archeology can answer that question.

  4. po

    On Obama stating he is a Christian. How can a person be a Christian and believe in Evolution? This is contrary to the Word of God in Genesis. Obama, as usual, is ‘straddling the fence.’ Also, he have stated that he is indeed pro-choice and pro-gay rights. He have made statements about the Sermon of the Mount as being too radical for today. This is not of God. As Christians, we need to have integrity and denounce him by not voting for him. As Christians, our way of thinking is a moral outlook. We should not vote at all or if you just want to vote, vote for someone else who has more integrity.

  5. Christopher Sisk Post author


    You’re clearly confused on many issues… least of which being the proper usage of the words ‘has’ and ‘have’.

    If you seriously think the Bible is, in any way, a moral guide, then I can only assume that you, like many other Christians, have never read it thoroughly and most likely, just read individual passages and taken them in a modern context instead of reading them in the context of the time when they were written.

    Personally, I would recommend reading some books by Bart D. Erhman on the subject of the origins, historical accuracy and context of the books of the Bible. Particularly the New Testament, seeing as you’re a Christian.

    As for evolution being contrary to the bible, you might enjoy a book by noted scientist and Christian Neil Shubin called “Your Inner Fish” in which he explains the theory of evolution (as well as how we ‘know’ it’s true) very clearly and how modern scientific knowledge does not have to take away or have any affect on your spirituality.

    You talk about the integrity of the candidates… go take a look at VoteSmart.org and map out McCain’s voting records versus his apparent stances on the same issues during his candidacy. McCain’s attitude towards his party’s key issues is completely opposite that which he’s voted for and against during his entire political career. He’s turned his back on his own values to appeal to potential voters. Instead of displaying the integrity you so much desire in a candidate, he’s shown he’s willing to go against his own principles just to get a vote.

    And as for not voting at all … PLEASE be my guest.

  6. Kelly

    There is not a shred of evidence of macro evolution… only microevolution or variation. There have never been any transitional fossils found and outside of a man-made diagram of an ape that transforms into man, nothing to suggestions one species turns into a completely different one. As a Christian, I believe microevolution is the foundation of biology. Macroevolution however is a grand assumption that has been taught in public schools and thereby taken as good science.

  7. Jerry

    Anyone can self-subscribe to being a Christian, believing Jesus Christ was the Son of God. As a believer, one is to accept the validity of the New Testament and the Old Testament. Rejecting either would invalidate both. Bart D. Erhman is not relevant in this discussion, his views are as biased as the views of a Christian. Nor are Neil Shubin’s views, they are his personal beliefs. Whether God created the earth in 7 modern days or 7 periods of time, the details provided are not as vague as some might argue. What is relevant in this matter is assertion that God pushed the process forward, it did nothing on its’ own.

    Obama’s views on evolution would necessarily suspend his Christian beliefs… his views would cut and paste the Old and New Testament to fit together what he believes is true… Much like a modern day Darwinian scientist cutting and pasting evolution here and intelligent design there… making the end result a bastardized hybrid atempt not worthy of any support.

    What I find most striking is absolute facist ideas running rampid on most college campuses across the world. Darwinian evolution is revered as a religion, to the exclusion of any other idea, ID metioned above. The open-minded scientific community squashes any other argument, and openly rejects anyone who would challenge their beliefs. We hear so much of “research concludes”, “the debate is over, evolution is fact”, and other facist dogma. Sounds a lot like how the world’s differing religions disagree on their competing doctrines, doesn’t it.

    The facts remain that the fossil record is less than 1% complete; the Darwinian cell model at the origins of the theory was a very simple cell (unlike what is known today as being a very complex system of systems); there has been no evidence to support any macroevolution; and the scientific community is often at odds with itself in describing any model which would question standing norms.

    I believe in good science, I believe in the existence of God. I have no trouble believing in microevolution. I do have trouble with any Christian pushing forward evolution in the charged scientific climate that exists today… It’s not the type of climate where someone like Newton, Darwin, or Einstein would be allowed to put any idea forth which would question the old guard.

    I hope this changes.

  8. Nihilist

    I have never understood why people make claims about evolution that are just not true. How can you believe in something while consiously inventing lies to support your belief?

    The facts are is that science only goes by the evidence.

    ALL the evidence, and i mean every little bit, points to evolution. There are transitional fossils, as such. There have been observed speciation events such as the nylon eating bacteria, (nylonase). There is not one shred of contradicting evidence.

    Since science goes by the evidence, that is why we can confidently state that evolution is proven.

    Surely even you must know that obama is an atheist but must at least claim to be christian because he is the president. Have you EVER known a real christian with his beliefs on evolution, gay rights, abortion……

    And I think it’s a mistake to try to cloud the teaching of science with theories that frankly don’t hold up to scientific inquiry obama

  9. Julius

    I think, with President Obama in office for almost 6 months now that this one question/response has a lot more weight. I supported him throughout the primaries and the general hoping but not knowing for sure that he held this view. I feel good knowing this now.

  10. nate

    It is always intertaining to see people suggest that there are no transitional fossils, that is a good one:^) Micro-evolution is the same as macro, just a larger time scale. You are suggesting evolution starts, but then stops due to time constraint, FUNNY STUFF. You can find plenty of fossils on the WIKI sites even, and they know nothing. Check out ‘the greatest show on earth’ by Richard Dawkins, all about evidence for evolution. A few transitions leading to us; Ardipithicus ramidus, Australopithecus anamensis, Australopithecus afarensis, Australopithecus africanus,Australopithecus robustus, Homo habilis,Homo erectus, Homo sapiens archaic, Homo sapiens neandertalensis, Homo sapiens sapiens. Not one transition:^)
    I can gve you plenty more, for tons of species.

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  13. HTS

    Evolution is taught today as a religion. There is not one iota of scientific fact to validate any of the grand claims of evolution. Those of you who swallow this load of tripe are naive beyond belief.

  14. nate

    Its funny, write over a dozen transitional forms that lead to us and so eone says they are not true. If you dont believe me look into it. A five second search, or a documentary from pbs or bbc both government broadcasters. Obama is educated, therfore he accepts, NOT BELIEVES, evolution. Go to a natural history museum, take a science course at any college, get a doctorate in evolutionary biology…. Its beynd proven, may scientists agree it is the larget of all scientific theories. If you dont want to accept somethng you can see and prove and make the flu medication and hiv medication because of, dont. All meds that treat viruses or disease is made from evolutionary theory and the math involved in the theory. If you want to believe in a talking snake and deons and angels and a world thats falling apart, thats fine. But the rationalists and thinkers will ue our minds and senses, and belive the world is getting better. Obama accepts evolution like very scientists ON EARTH, and most educated people… Deal with someone who uses his brain…Crazy huh. LOOK INTO IT, YOU WILL HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO ACCEPT IT. Over a dozen species are found which lead to us, all who walked on two legs. And theylived in tribes so there ar thousands of fossils. LOOK INTO IT, I DARE YOU….DUN DUN DUNN

  15. nate

    Microevolution, but no macro, FUNNY STUFF. “Uh yeah tings begin to evolve…..uh but den dey stop.” You must have no clue of biology or chemistry of physcs or anythin science has show us, to sugest something begins and then stops, THAT CONTRADICTS EVERYTHING IN SCIENCE. Gravity theory, germ theory, etc. Theory is an explanation for a large body of FACTS. Everything we have from refrigeration, to cell-phones, to flu medications, to microwaves, ARE MADE FROM THEORY. To sience everythig is fact, because its a natural world. NOT SUPERNATURAL. Go to college and take a science course, talk to a scientist, hell raed a book or visit a museum. They recently found that the great apes had 24 pairs of chromosomes and we 23. Thats a problem. On the chromosomes there are dna markers, centrmetes (in the center) and melnometers(1 on each end). In human dna on the second chromosome they found a bound chromosome which had 2 centrmeters and 4 melnometers. This 2nd cromosome matches the 1thousandth and something chromosome on great apes. Look into it kenneth miller has a leture on you-tube about it (he is a CHRISTIAN biologist also). That is unbelevable proof, evidence can get no better. Plus our dna matches the great apes 98.4%. Nearly 99% thats unbelievable proof. THATS PROVEN PROOF BEYOND A DOUBT FACT :^) you may not accept biology but you will want your children to get their flu shots, just remeber when your getting that shot, thank evolutionary theory and the scientific method. Saying evolution is a religon i like saying volunteer work is like war. It has no rules, tennets, prerequisites, rituals, gods, stories of afterlife, various individuals who eak t a god, supernatural explanations, talking snakes, demons, end of the world prophecy, belief in unicorn (unicorns are in the bible 8 times). Sacrifice on bloody altars, killing of daughters due to a pact with god for winning wars (Judges, in bible, raed it), 7 headed dragons. Its just gradual change over 4.5 billion years and the tens of thousands of fossils that tell the story. Not too mention how evolution has contributed more to medicine than ANYTHING.

  16. Guy

    I can’t believe what I’m reading. OF COURSE EVOLUTION IS REAL, CHECK THE AIDS VIRUS….It Evolved. Creationist in America are said to be 48% of the population…no wondering its a DYING EMPIRE…I think I’ll have to back China for the future…What would be better to learn Cantonese or Mandarin? I have been in a village of Muslim’s in Turkey and brought up Evolution…The Muslim’s were down with it. Well Done America you are officially the most backward individuals I have ever encountered! Who started the GNOME PROJECT YOUR LOCAL PREACHER YEEEHAWWW YEEEHAWWW

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