Sen. Davis Apologizes To Atheist

Sen. Monique Davis apologized to Rob Sherman for her recent public outburst against his atheism.

“after being on the receiving end of a week’s worth of public criticism, Davis called Sherman yesterday to apologize.

Sherman says Davis told him she “took out her frustrations and emotions on me and that she shouldn’t have done that.” Sherman says Davis’ explanation was “reasonable” and that he forgives her.

According to Sherman and State Rep. Jack Franks, Davis claims her outburst was triggered by learning shortly beforehand that there’d been another Chicago Public School student killed.

At least she called him personally to apologize and didn’t hide behind some public press released apology. I’ll give her that. I can also understand being frustrated at the recent school shootings. But school shootings have nothing to do with Sherman’s atheism. Apology or not, I still think she just lost her cool and spat out her own misguided feelings about atheism to an innocent man. She thinks atheists are “dangerous” and that atheism is “dangerous for children to even know it exists”… Apology or not… bitch needs to go.

Via: Pharyngula

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