An Atheist Goes Undercover

What happens when an atheist goes undercover to attend a major Southern evangelical church’s ‘Encounter Weekend’ retreat? Matt Taibbi tells us exactly what happens in this excerpt from his new book, The Great Derangement, about his experiences at a Hagee’s boot camp for new converts. And it’s not very pretty.

Apart from the grim descriptions and assumptions about various church goers, there’s not that much in here that really surprised me. If you’ve seen Jesus Camp and know what these kinds of people put their children through at these retreats, then it should come as no surprise the adults get it just as bad. In fact I think its a little worse. The kids are just being misled and abused. These idiots should KNOW better.

I guess I’m just asking too much of these folks to stop thinking an imaginary god wants them to worship it so their imaginary souls can get into his imaginary heaven.

Via: AlterNet

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