‘Don’t Believe In God?’ Billboard in Philadelphia

That’s the billboard drivers on Interstate 95 north of Philadelphia will see as they head out of town. Placed to coincide with the National Day of Reason, the billboard faces outbound traffic and helps to “make nontheistic people, such as atheists and agnostics, aware that they aren’t alone.” says Joe Fox, president of the Humanist Association of Greater Philadelphia.

The billboard will be up for three months and is one of a series that will appear around the country, raising the public profile of humanists and freethinkers. The billboard is backed by an active Web site at PhillyCOR.org that sets forth the larger mission of the effort and offers ways that individuals can get involved. An image of the billboard appears on the site, but people can also phone 1-800-NEW-REASON. Either way they will be able to learn more about the national and Philadelphia organizations behind the effort.

I’d like to see more of these all over the country. If nothing else, just to even the playing field against all the religious crap you’re forced to look at every time you hit the interstate. And three months just isn’t long enough.

The billboard is a joint venture by national humanist and freethought organizations, including the American Humanist Association and it’s independent marketing adjunct FreeThoughtAction, Atheist Alliance International, the Freethought Society of Greater Philadelphia, the Humanist Association of Greater Philadelphia, and Temple University Secular Students.

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