Humanism In British Schools

The British Humanist Association have just launched a new website of various educational resources to help professionals teach Humanism in schools -  maintaining their lead over America in the race to be a reasonable nation.

Similar to the AHA’s Kochhar Humanist Education Center, the BHA’s site offers toolkits, presentations, videos and official documentation on humanist views from the BHA.

The teachers’ area offers a number of easy to use online toolkits for teachers to use when wishing to explain the background to Humanism and its core values.

I smiled while browsing through their excellent library when I stumbled upon school worksheets for children with titles like “What Makes Us Special?” and “Using Reason And Evidence To Decide What Is True” and knowing there were no religious undertones behind them.

I think it’s great to see more of these resources popping up. There are a lot of very creative non-religious people out there and resources like these give those people the mental weaponry to create really great works of art and social statements.

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