Obama Winning The Non-Religious Vote

An interesting article at the Washington Post reveals that Obama has so far successfully won over non-religious voters in almost every state.

… of the 30 states where I could find comparable data, Obama won the “no religion” crowd an astonishing 26 times!

The author makes a good point regarding Obama’s seeming success with the non-religious minority while increasing the amount of religious rhetoric at the same time.

The secularists I speak with usually mention three arguments for ignoring his faith-based exuberance. The first–and most dubious–is that Obama is just pandering to crucial voting blocks and will regain his senses upon moving into the White House.

More plausibly, others suggest that his background as a student and scholar of constitutional law insures that he will never violate the sanctity of The Wall. Last, it is often remarked that Obama is a true liberal. Secularists, so I have been told, have little to fear from a true liberal.

You can throw me into the ‘sanctity of The Wall’ group. While I don’t believe he’s just pandering to a religious crowd, I’m not that concerned with the increase in religious talk. The man can add injections of religious tonality to his speeches all day long for all I care as long as he doesn’t try to make the same injections into our legislature. And I don’t think he will. Which is why I, apparently like so many other non-religious people, support Obama.

Via: Washington Post

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