Genesis Is Coming!

Quite literally. Earlier today, Thoughts From Kansas pointed out The National Academies Press is holding a massive book sale and suggested getting Robert Hazen’s “Genesis: The Scientific Quest for Life’s Origins” for super cheap. So that’s just what I did.

I was extremely impressed with both of Hazen’s Teaching Company series, “Joy of Science” and “Origins of Life” so I’m sure this book with be both easy to understand and extremely informative at the same time. One thing I love about Hazen is his strong advocacy for a reformed, more integrated approach to science education, exemplified in his co-authoring of the highly acclaimed textbook “The Sciences: An Integrated Approach” with James Trefil that fully integrates physics, chemistry, astronomy, earth sciences, and biology for students with little or no science background.

I highly recommend both of Hazen’s Teaching Company series and I’m quite sure that in a few weeks time, I’ll be able to recommend this book as well.

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