But That’s Not What I Believe

I’m listening to the radio discussion between PZ Myers and Father Loya on Catholic Radio International’s “Heart of the Matter” radio show and was really hoping for an enlightening discussion but am being treated to the same old religious apologies I’ve grown quite weary of.

The largest offender of these apologies is amazingly intellectual sounding, “but that’s not what I believe,” defense. Anytime someone paints an honest image of the rediculous nature of many religious beliefs the religious debater replies that there are probably people who believe the presented claims but that it’s not an acurate depiction of “their” belief or that people who believe so aren’t “true” Christians, Muslims, etc. Then they typically go into rantings of metaphysical word-salad of ill-defined words, theological “ways of knowing” and attempts to redefine the scientific method.

Father Loya’s “knowledge of the existence of love” argument was beautifully shot down by PZ as well as his attempts to redefine the “empircal” and “nature” during his opening argument. I’m trying to make it through the rest of the discussion about the cracker debacle but Father Loya just keeps avoiding the nature of the issues at hand.

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