Dr. Horrible Is Stuck In My Head

Joss (Firefly/Serenity) Wheadon’s newest internet brainchild Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog is just what I’ve been needing. Not that I’ve particularly been experiencing a hankering for Super-Hero-Musical-Mini-Web-Series but Wheadon’s tiny fantasy has taken me by surprise.

Dr. Horrible (Neil Patrick Harris) runs a video blog in which he describes his earnest attempts to become a member of the Evil League of Evil (A … wait for it … “evil” organization run by someone called Bad Horse.), get up enough nerve to talk to the cute girl at the laundromat, Penny (Felicia Day) and defeat his arch-nemisis Captain Hammer (Nathan Fillion).

In true comedic musical genius, songs are formed out of the most unlikely of candidates. From Dr. Horrible’s Freeze Ray (that will ‘stop… the world’) to Penny’s Petition Song, they’re all well written and very well performed. There’s a great method of mixing spoken word and singing, like when Penny walks up behind Dr. Horrible during the heist in Act. 1, that pokes a bit of fun at the normal “Musical” style.

All in all I love it. Highly recommended. Go watch Acts 1 and 2 now. Act 3 will be available Sat.

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