Free Astronomy Lectures Online

The Astronomy Society of the Pacific has made many of the talks from their annual Silicon Valley Astronomy Lectures available for free on their website in the form of The Silicon Valley Astronomy Lectures Podcasts. There are lectures from the likes of David Grinspoon, Alex Filippenko, and Frank Drake.

There are videos of some of the lectures available for you iTunes users. Not sure why you need iTunes to watch free videos. Embrace the torrent.

Via: Bad Astronomy

One thought on “Free Astronomy Lectures Online

  1. Charles Darwin

    astronomy, science and Natural sciences was the first science.

    people wanted to know the stars in the sky. The sun, moon, seasons. Birds are affected by the seasons.

    Sun is reason we are even here. All life on earth depends on the sun.

    1. Real lecture: 100 can see it.

    2. Digital lecture: 1-6 billion people of earth can see, hear the lecture.

    Billions, billions billions of people: anyone, anytime anywhere any computer.


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