How To Scare Consumers

I was scanning the Reuters science news and saw this story on nano-foods.

ORLANDO, Florida (Reuters) – Those consumers already worried about genetically engineered or cloned food reaching their tables may soon find something else in their grocery carts to furrow their brows over — nano-foods.

What a great way to introduce new technology to the masses, eh? OH NOEZ! DEY R GUNNA PUT NANOZ IN UR FOODZ!

Nano-technology is simply any technology that manipulates something on the molecular level. If you alter or add anything on that scale, it can be called nano-technology. Consumer product labs have been adding chemicals and additives to our food for years we rarely make a fuss. This is the exact same thing except on a much smaller scale. Its like deciding to use nano-technology to add fluoride to the water instead of the current technologies.

The worst parts however are the articles use of nano-scare tactics to address consumer’s fear of cloned animal products and their interviewee, Michael Hansen, who raises a complete non sequitur regarding the harmful inhalation of nano-sized particles and the use of nano-technology to engineer safer and healthier foods.

Sigh… why do I even read the news anymore?

Via: Reuters

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