Denyse O’Leary and the creationist’s problem

Denyse O’Leary, the creationist evangelist whose rhetoric has been best described by ERV as ‘word salad’ just can’t conceive of ideas moving forward or even beyond their originators. In a short post on the Post-Darwinist blog (no linkage for you) she shows every so clearly just why creationists can’t grasp modern scientific concepts.

Actually, never mind human life, I don’t think even animal life can be fully explained – or even reasonably explained – in Darwinian terms. And plant life – definitely not! Lamarck and Mendel could tell you far more about plants than Darwin ever did.

All stupidity aside, what O’Leary fails to note is that any modern geneticist would most likely have Mendel’s jaw on the floor and his head spinning simultaneously. Mendel did great work in the first days of genetics but his research was very incomplete. Mendel got lucky in that all the traits he was looking for in his plants were all on separate chromesomes. It took Thomas Hunt Morgan to discover that when two genes controlling two different characteristics were on the same chromesome, they were usually inherited together. Research that won him the 1933 Nobel Prize in medicine and physiology.

Science doesn’t stop with a theory’s discoverer. New scientists take over the reigns and carry the torch on through the next generation making new discoveries and adding to or editing the previous theories. Creationists problem is that they seem to want everything in life to work just like their precious little Bible. Once something is written down by the creator, never shall it be changed. A pretty absurd assumption on their part. Especially considering the scrapbook origins of said precious book.

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3 thoughts on “Denyse O’Leary and the creationist’s problem

  1. ptet

    Denyse O’Leary sees “Darwinism” as a fixed set of beliefs taught by a prophet, because that’s the way her own beliefs work – a fixed set of beliefs taught by a prophet.

    What annoys me most is how she completely ignores conservative christians who think ID is ludicrous, denies the faith of christians who accept evolution, and then chries persecution when anyone criticises her. Hell, she even said that if she wan’t a christian she might be jewish, ’cause they get persecuted.

    …And then she gets portrays herself as some sort of “serious journalist”…

    Anyway. I shouldn’t let her bother me.

    BTW, your blog subheading, “be excellent to each other”, is precisely how the world should be.


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