Isn’t sex supposed to be fun?

Marty Klein writes an interesting piece for Sexual Intelligence about our nation’s current discourse problem regarding sexuality.

Just as some anti-sexuals can’t see a female breast, hear the word “penis,” or see two men holding hands without thinking SEX, some people can’t hear about sex without thinking DANGER. A coalition of well-meaning professionals, cynical politicians, end-of-days religious leaders, and frightened lay people has turned ordinary sexuality into a public health crisis.

Honestly, I’m not as worried as Klein. Sure, we’ve got some older, sexually-repressed bigots in office but the younger generation has grown up with sexual imagery all around them all the time. The advertising media, the internet, tv, film and music celebrities. I think, if anything, they are probably becoming a little desensitzed to it. Overall, sexual repression seems to be on a decline in the U.S. A shallow decline, but it seems fairly steady and I have hope in the social internet generation.

Via: The Institute for Humanist Studies

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