There are atheists voting for McCain?

The Barna Group just released their latest survey on religious vs. non-religious voters. The atheosphere is buzzing with the results of a 55% to 17% swing for Obama in the Atheists and Agnostics category. What I’m wondering is who the 17% that are planning on voting for McCain are and what the hell they’re thinking.

One thought on “There are atheists voting for McCain?

  1. Robert

    Believe it or not, there are conservative atheists. While holding their noses at his pandering to the religious right, they may more broadly align with McCain’s economic and social stances.

    And let’s be honest. Obama is not exactly an atheist’s dream candidate. He wears his Christianity on his sleeve and speaks all the time of faith (gag!).

    As an atheist and libertarian, I’m voting for neither. Thank the FSM I have that opportunity.


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