Those Vikings may have had a point

Beliefnet has a short but somewhat interesting article on the variety of loony belief systems represented on their site. The article, Five Religions You’ve Never Heard Of, focuses on the core beliefs of and a few choice quotes by some of the self-proclaimed believers in Asatru, Sant Mat, Eckankar, Ahmadiyya, and Maltheism.

While I was reading, a quote by the Asatruar Beliefnet member John_T_Mainer really hit me.

I will face my challenges with a grin, accept nothing less than victory until death, and face my gods and ancestors secure in the knowledge that I made the most of the life they gave to me, and that my children and neighbors will face less danger and strife for my efforts.”

Sure, he believes in Thor and Odin and that they gave him his life but at lease he’s not wasting it. And most of his declaration speaks true to humanists, atheists, and agnostics. Live life to the fullest and make the world a better place for everyone else. Or, as I like to put it: Be excellent to each other and party on, dudes!

You really have to feel for the Maltheists though. They believe God exists. They just think he’s a total ass. Although I’m pretty sure this is just what happens when devout belief is mixed with Bible reading/study. The ones that don’t identify as Maltheists probably spend the rest of their time at church, reaffirming their belief in their wonderful and just misery-maker.

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5 thoughts on “Those Vikings may have had a point

  1. Friðrik Unnar Arnbjörnsson

    That´s the essence of it! -I´m Ásatrúar, from Iceland and i believe that we wouldn´t be here still today if it weren´t for that exact attitude.

  2. Erra

    Heh… my progression through religion went christian->maltheist->athiest. God exists, god must be evil (if he exists), god does not exist.

  3. Marran

    I worship Bastet. Egyptian cat-goddess of luck, love and joy. One of her avatars lives in my home, and I make weekly offerings of honey and incense to Bastet’s shrine, and daily offerings of food to her avatar.

    Bastet is a good goddess to have, as she doesn’t do or promote evil or intolerance, as some gods do. I would strongly recommend her to others searching for divine influence in their lives.

    Religion will suit cat people.

  4. Big Bad Mickey the intolorant athiest biker.

    Are you forgetting Jainism?

    The Jains are the most intelligent and wealthiest people in India. They basically believe in life and have constantly looked for God, but never found one that passed their rigorous scientific inspection, and contend that they may never find a real God. If they do, they will be willing to worship whatever demands she makes.

    They basically worship life and reality, are strict vegetarians who are very careful of what they eat–some to an extent no westerner could handle.

    One of the only religions I might follow as it considers all life on the planet (including some nasty and horrid humans) as due friendship, worship, and a right to life. Some fundamentalists even sweep the path before them to avoid crushing unseen bugs, and wear a mask so they do not inhale (and thusly kill) small flying insects.

    As far as the nasty and horrid humans go, I’ve banged enough asshole Christian heads over time to find it rather enjoyable. I’m a big guy, 300lbs, tall and muscular, so I don’t have to tolerate asshole jerks that speak or act threateningly to those unable to fight back. That’s where I step in because I detest people who gang up on others. Generally I find them to be Christians with a shallow concept of morality or a heightened sense of religious insanity. Something you will very seldom see in atheists.

    I could certainly enjoy thumping on the head of Fred Phelps, the minister of that angry Evangelistic church. Bet I could kill the intolerant misguided hater with one punch. He is just one of many intolerant and insistent Christians who demand others adopt their ridiculous mythical belief system based on magic and nonsense so that ignorance in America can be expanded. There are far too many of these assholes. That hate filled religious fundamentalist Fred Phelps and his bizarre cult of Evangelists actually pickets military funerals and open displays hate to gays and atheists. Hate! hate! hate! The Christian ideal second only to their constant insistent that everyone should succumb to their blatant form of indecent and inhuman nonsense.

    Am I an angry atheist? Yes! I am damn tired of this craziness and the Mormon or Seventh day Adventists doorknockers that hit me twice every week. I have finally told them that the next one that darkens my door will be thrown off my roof into my cactus garden. I haven’t seen them in almost three months because I insured they realized how much I mean it. I had to pluck two assholes up by the neck to get my point across. They threatened to tell the cops. I said “Do it” I’ll do the same to them. The cops know me and my biker buddies and they leave us alone.


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