On life, being jobless and my lack of recent blogging

A few readers have emailed me asking why I haven’t written any new posts or if something has happened recently. Well, yes…

I’m jobless.

During the last week of August, the owner of the company I worked for gathered everyone together for the first ‘mandatory’ meeting in the company’s history to announce that he’d sold the business. “Nothing will change.” was the mantra of the day. I heard it from his mouth several times during the meeting and continued to hear it as we were introduced to our new boss. The only problem was… something was changing. Mainly my job ceased to exist. And that’s a pretty big change for zero day’s notice.

I’ll spare you the slimy details and some rather mean-spirited ranting and just say that I’ve been having quite some trouble finding replacement employment during our country’s economic disaster.

Although I’m trying to keep my chin up, a depression of sorts has been hanging over my head like a bad cartoon cloud for the last month now and I’ve found it very difficult to focus on anyone else’s happy, job-filled life. To put it frankly, reading about other people’s vacations, family trips, purchases and day-to-day activities just makes things worse. So I’ve found myself just blazing through my feed reader, ignoring everything that wasn’t a job listing or a potential source of income.

I’m by no means angry at anyone (other than my ex-boss for not giving us a notice the company was being sold to a firm 30 miles away) but I am a little bitter all the same.

During this last week of Sept. and the first couple weeks of Oct., I’ll be moving out of the apartment I can no longer afford and regular blog posting will be very slight until things start moving for me again. I appreciate the kind words of encouragement I’ve already received and offers to put me up until I can find work. My housing situation is taken care of at the moment (thanks Mom) and all my time and efforts will be directed towards finding some form of regular employment.

With all that said, If you know of anyone seeking print or web design, please send them my email or direct them to my oDesk profile … or if you’re financially sound at the moment and just feel sorry for me, consider making a PayPal donation. Every penny helps.

Hopefully things will perk up here sooner rather than later and I’ll be able to continue daunting creationist IDiots, spreading the godless good news and ranting my usual rants. But until then expect posts to be short, few and far between.

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