A little bit of logic…

… is all you need.

Personally, I still wouldn’t count Jesus as a friend simply because I never knew him. Maybe I’m strange, but I tend to reserve the designation of ‘friend’ to people I’ve actually met.

Via: The Friendly Atheist & Pablo Moroe

3 thoughts on “A little bit of logic…

  1. Christopher Sisk Post author

    Haha… well, I guess it would all depend on the scale of the observation and observer. From our larger perspective, it appears not to. If you get down to the scale of the very small, the components that make up ‘air’ do cast shadows. Very tiny ones, but they’re still shadows. Atoms are incredibly small, but they still take up space and hence, cast shadows.

    Or were you referring to the French band? I think they cast shadows as well though.


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