Do you know where your candidate stands?

As voter registration deadlines get closer, you may find yourself wondering just where certain candidates stand on the issues that you find important. One way to do just that is to find out how they voted on previous legislature. And Project Vote Smart has a simple system for doing just that. The site has profile pages for every incumbent and office seeking individual, highlighting their political career and previous voting records.

Go to Project Vote Smart’s website and enter your full Zip code for a complete list of office seekers (House and Senate) in your area and then check their voting records. You can also search for a specific candidate by last name as well as view all office seekers in your state.

So if negative attack ads have you worried about how your favorite candidate has performed in office, now you can go see for yourself.

Be sure to check out Obama and McCain’s profile pages and make sure you’re supporting the right person. If you’re supporting a different candidate, just hit up their 2008 Presidential Candidate page.

After all, “Knowing is half the battle.”

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