2009 Cultural Humanism Awardee: Joss Whedon!

Joss Whedon will receive the 2009 Outstanding Lifetime Achievement Award in Cultural Humanism.


I never really knew Joss Whedon considered himself a Humanist but always enjoyed the humanistic values, morals and lessons portrayed in his TV shows and projects. I never got into Buffy, but Firefly was particularly important to me with a near-openly atheist lead character, Malcolm Reynolds. (“You’re welcome on my boat, preacher. God ain’t.”) And we all know how I feel about Dr. Horrible.

So, congratulations Mr. Whedon. Well deserved.

Via: The Friendly Atheist

One thought on “2009 Cultural Humanism Awardee: Joss Whedon!

  1. chizzle

    Joss has always been amazing! Fran Kranz (from The Dollhouse) has a character on this new website, Showbizzle.com. I’ve been following it along with watching him Fox. He’s very good on there too. I’m kinda hooked – I even joined the contest, lol. Maybe they’ll fly me out to LA.


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