17 thoughts on “Sarah Silverman has a great idea

  1. Ken

    So….is this for one meal? How about take the money and train the peeps to make a farm and run it. Also to destroy the Govt that takes all the aid we give them currently.This idea is not any good. we would throw all of this cash at rouge regimes that would simply use it for gold toilets and lavash homes. You can’t give the money to the starving….they have no idea how to use it.The best thing to do is let them learn the hard way. Sick but true. In America, look at all of the poor folks….thay are fat and nasty! They eat like kings if they are poor. Get in line behind a fat Mom with Fat kids using food stamps for steak, lobster, shrimp and kool-aid. YOU WILL CHANGE your mind. I saw this the other day while I was struggling to get some tuna and basic needs. I was so mad that this happens. Liberalism is a mental disorder!!!

  2. Psychcomp

    Yes, this is a very bad idea. This is a typical knee jerk reaction that solves nothing in the long term. What do we do when the money runs out? Look for something else to sell? Many people starve due to corrupt governments that take all the money for themselves. These governments are usually dictatorships or communistic. I find it ironic that this idea, which is very communistic, only works for a non communistic system.

    People go hungry due to corrupt governments. So, what can we do about them? Only one thing, reach out to the people to educate them on what a democracy is. They must decide for themselves to risk their lives to stand up and change their country. We cannot hand democracy to anyone, it must be earned. And it usually requires blood. Until people in these countries kick out these governments, the problem will continue. Selling anything will do no long term good. Begin to think with your mind, not your heart.

  3. B-Smack

    You guys are dumbasses. You have missed the point entirely. You are as much hypocrites as the Vatican in all its glory. You sip diet coke and snack on fries while sitting at your laptop commenting on world hunger. You say no government can be trusted to take care of its people and at the same time keep all of your hard-earned money for yourself. Do you not feel the irony? If you can’t trust a government, or a powerful organization, you should make your contributions through private aid companies with strong reputations and get a tax break for doing so. This way you circumvent your greedy government and take full responsibility for your world and all of its problems.

    But if you do nothing, then how can you say anything?

  4. Psychcomp

    Wow B-Smack, I did not know you had a camera and were spying on me to see how I live! How did you manage that? Or maybe you like to generalize without evidence to support your claims. You have no idea what I give or what I do. Based on your comment, it appears you like to bash others for their opinions. That is fine, if you wish to appear childish.

    Do you trust the governments in Africa? Explain why world hunger exists, as I assume you do not see it as a problem with government. Also, do you really think selling the Vatican will solve the problem? Really? I think charitable organizations are great, but if a rogue government takes most of the money for themselves, how does it get to the people? That, is my problem with this.

    I am going to make an assumption of my own, however, I will state I may be wrong. I sense a touch of contempt from you for the church. Could it be your dislike of the church makes this idea sound? I will not claim Catholicism has been a bright light for the world in much of history, but many of the faith do help others. I just see selling the Vatican to not be a solution.

    But then, I could be wrong, at least I can admit that.

  5. Kait

    To anyone who thinks that this is serious, go fuck yourself. No one actually thinks that the Pope should sell the vatican. No one could even do that. Sarah Silverman was making a statement about the hypocrisy of the vatican and religious groups who waste money on luxury. It’s called satire. Yes it would be great if everyone in africa could be taught how to farm, but unfortunately that is just not a realistic goal because of the corrupt governments. The starving aren’t stupid, they know how to use money, Ken. It isn’t like poverty in america where poor families can’t afford fruits and vegetables and so are forced to eat cheap processed food. I wish obese poor people could afford shrimp, lobster, and steak. That would be a good thing, those food are at least in some way healthy, but instead they only eat junk. And psychomp, if it were that easy to throw off an oppressive government, don’t you think that they would have done it already. It’s a little hard to revolt when you are starving, have no money, no weapons, and live in a desert. There just aren’t enough people for the kind of revolution you call for. And all of this doesn’t matter anyway, because this video was not serious.

  6. Ken

    It’s not that they can’t afford fruit or good healthy food…it’s that they don’t want to. Some of these fat asses get hundreds of dollars a month in food stamps. They choose what they eat, so don’t hand me that horse shit!! And I know it was a joke…I just like a great smart ass remark to make my day !!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Psychcomp

    To Kait, it may have been a joke, but many seem to believe it is a very good idea. Also, I never said overthrowing a government was easy or implied it was. That is the most difficult choice as many many people will die, most likely millions. It is the only real choice for people to become free. The United States choose to become free from England, and paid in blood. This is why all other methods will not work, the corrupt governments will take all the aid we give and use it for themselves. The only real, long term solution is for the people to rise up and demand freedom. If large part of the population were to rise up, it would have a chance. That is the problem, a very large amount of the population would have to rise up, and many would die. It is harsh, and it is painful, but it is the only way. Once the people revolted and created their own government, they would understand what freedom costs, and what it takes to maintain. Only then can a people be free. Freedom is earned, not handed out. Any aid we give is a handout that will not solve the problem. I am sorry to say, but we are waisting time helping most of these nations, while their people starve.

  8. beckman

    Guys… I’m catholic.. Its a joke, treat it like a joke… Damn yall need to calm down a little…

  9. James Carney

    this idea of selling the vatican is not the first of its kind nor is it original.
    The idea firstly came from a movie in the late 60s starring Anthony Quinn it was titled “Shoes of the fisherman” and it delt with this exact problem.
    A new age pope was elected, the world is on the brink of nuclear war due to a Chinese-Soviet feud made worse by a famine caused by trade restrictions brought against China by the United States.
    The pope attempts to stop it by selling the wealth of the vatican and which all it owns.
    unfortunetly i cannot remember the ending of the movie but the main point is that should the vatican ever actually stand up for its beliefs it would sell all it owns to slove world hunger.
    And to catholic above me , i myself am also catholic but i dont think you understand your religion to put it bluntly.
    Being catholic is to help your fellow man in anyway possible with not looking for a reward and unfortunetly our own church doesnt believe this as there is still hunger in the world .
    If the church really did believe in the teachings of christ why does it hoard all its wealth and not give the the needy why do we pay into collections that go to sit amoungst the vast wealth that is the Catholic Church?

  10. JimmyF

    Not a fan of Sarah- but I see the humor and the point.
    Its a shame the rightwingnuts cannot see humor OR a point in something like this. Angry, bitter little minds……..

  11. sam

    yea, why is everyone taking this so seriously? it is an ironic joke that has some loose applications in the sense that it evokes thought about a pretty serious issue, but for the psychos claiming that “this is such a terrible idea…liberals are crazy” and so-on, you’re just as stupid as the caricature sarah is creating

  12. Shayshay

    Poe’s law comes to mind looking at some of the comments 🙂 If you don’t know what that is, Wiki it baby. Whether it’s true or not, could be funny to think about it.

  13. Thomas

    Wow, Silverman using her 6 brain cells to bash Catholics.
    How….. unshocking.

    How about sell Israel and feed the world? That has some good resale value right? I’m sure the Muslim countries would all pool their money and pay handsomely for it.

    There. Sell your own shit Silverman. Pretend your making a bold statement with that.

    She’s such a loser, and an insanely horrid comedian. If she didn’t spend her time giving bad handjobs to real comedians she’d never work in the industry.
    She can’t land a gig without boning some dude who has his own show.


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