Science can answer moral questions – Sam Harris at TED

Sam Harris argues that science can — and should — have something to say about the great moral questions.

Sam Harris is such a great speaker. I love listening to his lectures. He always makes me think about things in a new light. There are many great points made here.

“How have we convinced ourselves that every culture has a point of view on these subjects that is worth considering? Does the Taliban have a point of view on physics that is worth considering? No. How is their ignorance any less obvious on the subject of human well being?”

I don’t have as much a problem with the commercial imagery of women as Sam does though. Partly because I enjoy the imagery but mostly because I think the U.S. is a little too sexually repressed as it is and, even though it’s mostly accessed through commercial media, I think the desensitization will help in the long run. Every generation is a little more open than the last and won’t be shocked and awed by the same imagery as their parents. The bulk of the media targets the youth and many others just follow suit.

Via: TED Talks

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