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I’ve given Matt Smith a full season to woo me over but sadly, he’s just not doing it for me. Therefore, I hereby state… Now and forever after… David Tennant, the Tenth Doctor, is MY Doctor.

Now, I’ve been a Doctor Who fan for a while. I have fond memories of watching Tom Baker era episodes during family dinner & I quite like the Peter Davison era as well. I missed initially when the series returned but caught up pretty quickly a few of years ago and have been loving the ride ever since. I liked Christopher Eccleston fairly quickly with his big grinned humor just barely concealing a starch seriousness and pain of recent losses. When the first season came to a close and all we got from Tennant was,

“Hmm, new teeth. That’s weird. Now where was I? Oh yeah, Barcelona!”

… I wasn’t really sure. But then came four seasons of the absolute best television I’ve ever watched. Tennant’s Doctor immediately embodied every humanistic value and idea I hold dear. He approached every situation with compassion, curiosity and reason with a skeptical mind seeking for and usually finding the natural explanation. He engendered the best of humanity in those he met and left them all better people. (Even Jackie)

Tennant’s Doctor also had a dense pain hidden on his face that could come out at any moment in a way that made you realize he’d been holding it back for far too long. He carried a burden but never let it get in his way of doing what he thought had to be done for the good of the universe.

There’s always the possibility that Matt Smith or some future Doctor could swoop in and steal the crown… but I’m highly skeptical. Well, I say skeptical, I mean doubtful. Well, pretty impossible actually, now that I think about it…. anyways… Oh, look at that… That is beautiful!

7 thoughts on “My Doctor

  1. Pat

    We’ve only seen up to the Van Gogh episode but I agree. David will always be my Doctor. In fact, when I’m watching the new series, I often picture David back in the role. And, I’m rather glad I don’t prefer Matt Smith. I don’t think I could watch if I thought he was usurping David in my heart.

  2. Karyn

    I like Tennant because I want to crawl into his pants and have kinky sex with him. Matt has managed to grow on me for his quirkyness, though. Plus, Matt has the hottest companion ever. If the Doctor can’t be a ginger, at least he can get a good ginger to accompany him.

  3. Colin

    This is a little surreal. What you wrote about David Tennant’s Doctor is nearly verbatim my usual what-I-love-about-the-Doctor speech that most of my friends have heard several times over and are quite sick of by now. Hee. I don’t actively dislike Matt Smith’s Doctor, and I love Amy Pond wholeheartedly, and some of this most recent season’s episodes were very well-crafted, but I agree completely: Tennant is my Doctor (too), and probably always will be.

    @Karyn: I have NEVER had a celebrity crush as strong as mine on David Tennant. Sigh.

  4. Pat

    Now we’ve seen up to the finale and are anxiously awaiting news of when the next season will be shown stateside. I have to say I was impressed. I loved the ending–something old, something new . . . and I loved the new beginning. The Doctor has another runaway bride in the Tardis. And I love that while Matt Smith is very good. David is and ever more shall be, my Doctor.

  5. Jason Hughes

    My sentiments as well–Tenant holds my heart while Smith just sorta “plays” the Doctor. I’m still holding out hope–I’m only halfway through Season 5, and I *am* enjoying it, but I can’t help but think how much better each episode would have been with Tenant still on board… Oh, well… I *STILL* want a Weeping Angel in my garden!

  6. Pat

    Matt Smith is growing on me. Not that he’ll ever replace David.
    I have to say that on the second or third watching,the episodes get better. I see the excellence in writing and directing and acting. And I must say the Van Gogh episode is one of my favorite all time episodes. I love the line the Doctor says to Amy “The good things don’t always soften the bad things, but vice-versa, the bad things don’t necessarily spoil the good things and make them unimportant.” I think there was more to the quote but this is all they had on IMDB. And of course the description of Van Gogh. It always makes me cry!


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