Background Musics is Now Available

I’m happy to announce the release of my newest album Background Musics as well as the launch of my official digital music store!

Background Musics features a collection of 12 new musics for a variety of shared common themes, situations, and thoughts within the human experience. The album is on sale now for only $9.

I started writing songs for this album in 2007 as a short concept album called Moments. It was intended to be a short work of background theme music for common, human situations. The project slowly grew over time and eventually became the full-length album Background Musics.

Background Musics includes 12 new ambient songs of various tones and moods, some are generative, some are original compositions and some are experiments in repetition and timing structures.

Get the Full Album for only $9 now!

  1. Drifting on the Sea
  2. Future Events
  3. Watching Clouds Form
  4. Time Spent Waiting
  5. Past the Sacred
  6. Subterranea
  7. Missing Someone
  8. A Cold Day
  9. Trying To Remember Something
  10. Seeing Things Anew
  11. Staring out a Window, Riding in a Car
  12. Mistaken Lessons

Listen to some full-length songs below.

Staring Out A Window, Riding In A Car

Watching Clouds Form

Listen to more at the Background Musics Release Site.

As a special gift to subscribers & readers, here is a free download of Seeing Things Anew from the new album.


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