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Hello! I’m Christopher Sisk. I’m a humanist, skeptic, and musician currently living in scenic Tennessee, USA. I’m a science junkie and try to encourage the possibility of a happy, moral and ethical life as a freethinking, skeptical humanist. I also like to read.

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This website serves mainly as my personal weblog but also as a place where you can listen to my music and gander at my semi-artistic creations. In my weblog, I post my thoughts on current events focussing on science and anti-science, skepticism, religion, humanism, and various other tid-bits from the internets that I find interesting or otherwise worth sharing. I will also, from time to time, excerpt and link to content from other sites I want to help bring attention to. My policy is to excerpt the story (often including personal opinions) and include a “Via: Original Source” footer to each post, linking back to the original source of the content. The purpose of these kinds of posts is, ultimately, to express my own personal opinions about a given story and to bring attention to the original source or story. If you are the author of an article I have sourced and you feel I have violated your copyright or privacy policies, please contact me and appropriate measures can be taken.