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The Young And The Restless Talk Science

The supa-hottie Beauty (Abbie Smith) and the supa-atheist Beast (PZ Myers) have recorded an excellent discussion for everyone over at Bloggingheads where they successfully break down epigenetics, creationism, and crackers.

Via: Pharyngula & ERV

P.S. Sorry about the “Beast” part PZ. But honestly, in comparison…

ID In Public School Classrooms

Here’s an excellent presentation by ERV given at the Oklahoma Americans United for the Separation of Church and State conference on Intelligent Design in public school science classrooms.

Excellent work ERV! We need more cute biologists people doing small presentations like this. Especially during the promotional drive of the Expelled creationist propaganda film whose ignorance of real science and deceitful tactics she addresses.

The curator (I’m assuming he’s the curator) makes a very good point at the end. Intelligent Design will not stop with science. Let me just say that again because it bears repeating.